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At The Gloucester Golf Superstore, we make sure that every customer purchases a set of custom Golf Clubs that are made to measure. We have the latest technology as well as PGA Qualified Professionals available at all times.

Custom fitted Golf  Equipment.

Since we opened our store in 1977 we have always stressed the importance of having a set of custom golf clubs made to your specifications.

With the latest technology, we now have two custom fit studios fitted with all the latest equipment from MIA Golf. The new studios are equipped with flight scope ball tracking machines plus  120 frames per second cameras to view your swing from the front and behind and overhead to analyse every movement of your swing.

The results from the session also record what is called the “smash” factor which basically records the measurement of ball compression which is a combination of club head speed and the compression of the ball you are using. therefore we can suggest swapping to another compression of the ball to suit you.

We now believe we can offer the most professional advice to improve your game.

Call today to book a session with us, a 30-minute session will be £25 refunded against purchase of equipment.

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Does Custom Fit make a difference?

I commonly get ‘I’m not good enough for custom fitted golf clubs” said to me in the studios and shop. As you know I do a huge amount of club fitting these days for all standards of golfers from Professionals to the complete novice golfer. So getting custom golf clubs fitted is really important to achieve your maximum potential. The purpose of this blog is to highlight if something as simple as changing your lie angle can make the accuracy and direction of your shots change.

So, earlier this week I spent an hour in the Performance Studio hitting some shots and getting some data on Flightscope. Firstly using the 6 iron I would normally uses, Titleist 716MB in my usual spec lie angle, then in addition to this I got some data with both a 3 degrees flatter and a 3 degrees more upright than I would normally use 6 iron, to see if this would make a difference to the data and ball fight or is custom fit a waste of time?

Starting with my own 6-iron, which is 2 degree flatter than the manufacturers standard specs. You will see from the Flightscope data below my natural shape is a small draw, (left handed) with distance averaging between 165 yards and 170 yards somewhere near central to my intended target which when I am playing well should happen as I know the iron is set up correctly for me. (This can vary hugely on a bad day.)

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Made to measure golf equipment

I then moved my demo club of the same range 3 degrees flatter than my existing spec, making it now play 5 degrees flatter than manufacturers standard specs. (3 degrees too flat for me) But now look below at the Flightscope data; you will see the average ball flight 10 to 15 yards further left of the target. This is for 2 reasons; strike is affected, as the club is not lying flat on the floor at impact. You will hear people tell you that the reason the ball flight is now not straight is due to the fact the club twists and pivots around the toe as the toe digs into the floor. This may make a minute difference and can affect a very bad strike if you hit the ground before the ball but really will not make much difference to ball flight. But what we call face-plane-tilt is affected hugely as the lie angle changes. That I mean by this term ‘face-plane-tilt’ is as the club lies toe up or toe down the loft of the club is facing in a different direction without actually twisting or turning the golf club. Therefore the more loft on the club the more face plane tilt can affect the direction.

The easiest way to demonstrate or get and understanding of face-plane-tilt yourself is to get a think marker pen or other cylindrical item and with a blob of blue tac stick it on its end straight of the face of your golf club. Now when the club lies flat on the floor in the address position this pen is now pointing at the target. Simply now lower the grip, making the toe of the club stick in the air you will notice the pen start to point to the left of the target and the opposite when you lift the hands making the heel sit in the air. This is another reason you will often see the ball fly left then the ball is above your feet and right when the ball is below your feet.

By no coincidence when I then made the golf club 3 degrees more upright than my normal club. (1 degree upright from manufacturers specs) Look at the flight of the ball below. The flight has now been moved to the right-hand side of the target for the same reasons. So just from changing 6 degrees of lie angle, I can manipulate the finishing position of the golf ball by nearly 30 yards.

This custom fit process to measure the correct lie angle for you is not always about making the club lie perfectly flat on the floor. Your pro or coach should really be looking at where your bad shots go and can, therefore, adjust your lie angles of your clubs accordingly to counteract this bad shot helping you find the target more often.

This clearly shows that getting the correct lie angle to suit you is very important if you are serious about playing your best golf. So if you haven’t been custom fitted for your golf clubs please get in contact with us. Throughout the months of January and February at Gloucester Golf Superstore and AT Golf Coaching we are offering a free of charge assessment as to whether your lie angles suit you, in our performance studio, and it gets better… If your clubs are not correct we will do any adjustments to the lie angles for you for just £20 cheaper than a new set.

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